Loose Brake Caliper


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Unhappy Loose Brake Caliper

My brotherís 1990 Dodge Caravan suddenly developed a terrible grinding sound with some vibration in the front right wheel area. He jacked it up and pulled the wheel for inspection. It was obvious that the outside of the caliper had been rubbing the inside of the wheel. I wiggled the caliper and found that in addition to the usual back and forth movement on the mounting bolts, I could also rock it from side-to-side, which gave it enough slop to rub against the inside of the wheel. I removed the left front wheel and verified that it did not have any rocking motion. I checked the mounting bolts and found them sufficiently tight, so I suspect some deterioration where the bolts go through the caliper. I am going to tear into it in the next day or two, but I wondered if anyone of you folks have had such an experience and can tell me what to expect? Are there any bushings between the caliper and the mounting bolts which may have disintegrated? Is this a known problem of this car?
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I have never seen this on a Chrysler, but have seen it plenty on GM's. There are little rubber seals and o-rings inside the hole where the bolt goes that will deteriorate over time. This will cause the problem you are describing. Get a caliper hardware kit from the local parts store (no metal parts) and replace these seals on both calipers.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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Thanks, Billy.

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