1994 plymouth voyager


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1994 plymouth voyager

i have a 94 voyager , 3.0 liter v-6, with approx. 105000 miles. it has been using oil..for quite some time. about a quart every 500..now i think it has a coolant leak either head gasket, or intake manifold.
should i spend the cash to get this thing repaired or donate it to a better life. I just put on a new water pump and timing belt before i discovered this coolant problem.
other than this problem it is in good condition. no rust, etc.
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Day Nam
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I own a 1998 Dodge Caravan 2.4L. When it hit appoximately 60,000 miles (just after the 3 year warranty expired), my van experienced head gasket oil leak. The dealer quoted me over $1000 to fix the gasket. Undecided if I should spend the money to fix it, I waited a few months. The coolant started to leak into the engine and it eventually led to $2500 repair. It sounds like you may have a similar problem. If I were you I would not get the repair done. Donate it to a charity of your choice.
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Find out where the coolant is going before you make a decision.The pipe under the intake manifold can rot out on these.I personally feel if you can do a timing belt on one of these you could handle headgaskets on it also.Maybe the leak is at the new water pump or the seal at the pipe that runs under the intake.
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Thanks for the info. I should have elaborated on the coolant leak. it must be internal.. nothing outside on the ground. i think it is starting to have the white smoke which i guess is common with this type of problem. any other suggestions are appreciated.
i would consider fixing it if i can get both problems, the oil usage and the internal leak stopped at one time... but i don't want to spend a fortune..for fear of another major problem developing..to with the tranny, which is running fine right now but with 105000 i don't know what to think.
thanks again,
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mike from nj
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a 3.0L with a headgasket leak----not likely, not since the late 80's, like 89-90 they fixed that problem

an intake leak---never, not once have i seen that yet

3.0s do seep some oil, even leak it a bit, but their reliability is excellent if you keep fresh fluids in it (oil and water)

if you put a water pump on it yourself, you are very capable of replacing the headgaskets, like stated by davo, i feel the gaskets are easier than a water pump on this engine.

get hold of a pressure tester, and pressure test the cooling system, see exactly where the leak is, it is not uncommon to replace a water pump and disturb one of the o-rings on the coolant pipe in the intake valley. that's why the o-ring usually comes with the water pump, the other can be done from the trans side. the small bypass hose (near the distributor) is known to blow out at times too.

an oil leak of a quart in 500 miles is a bit unusual, this is a major leak, like a seal is blown out somewhere, or possibly just a leaking oil sender unit (for the gauge). what leaks on these, is usually the valve cover gaskets, front cam seals and rear cam plugs. rear mains, front mains and oil pans are rare problems on these. that's it, nothing else can leak.

one thing to do, is let the engine warm up fully, then let it idle for about 5 minutes with the engine hot, then snap the gas pedal, like to 3500-4000 rpm, if you see a puff of blue smoke, you need valve stem seals. very easy to do with the heads off, a bit harder with them on, but if you're doing valve cover gaskets and cam seals already, you are very close to having the heads off anyway, you can fix all the problems at once (if you're interested)

my daily driver car is a 3.0L sundance, with now 180,000 miles on it, i've done the seals, water pump and belt and that's it. since i bought it at 89,000 miles it has been problem free, and it does see some abuse, but i keep fresh oil in it, always!

let us know what you want to do
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If you are seeing heavy white smoke coming from the tailpipe (should smell like antifreeze), you are in for an expensive repair. On the lighter side, the oil consumption issue may be something as simple as a collapsed PCV valve hose. I have seen this before, and it is not obvious because there may be a brown cover over the hose hiding the problem. I would see if you can determine if this is the source of the oil consumption issue before making your decision regarding the coolant leak.

Good luck.
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mike from nj
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day nam: you have a completely different engine, with a completely different problem.

you had an oil leak, from the head gasket, and it should have been covered under warranty, even though it was out of warranty. this is called a 'goodwill' repair and we are still doing these today, you must have had an uncooperative dealer, and you should have found one willing to do it (for free)

letting it go too long was a different problem, and should never have happened

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