Oil pressure drop


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Oil pressure drop


I have a 1987 Chrysler Le Baron with about 1160,000 miles on it. It runs great but the other day on the freeway I noticed that the oil pressure gauge started to flucutate. It went from normal to "0" and stayed there for a while..I pulled over and the needle went back to normal again..I checked the oil, put in a quart but the needle still goes up and down. It seems as if it only happens when I go over 65mph, in a curve on the freeway or when I accelerate. It stays down until I slow down a bit. I hear no grinding noices or anyting else that should alarm me.

any idea what this can be?

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mike from nj
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by time you hear something it will be way too late

you need to remove the sender unit and install a mechanical gauge with a long hose (tape it to the windshield) and drive it and see what it does

let us know what you find

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