88 dodge won't start


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88 dodge won't start

have a 88 dodge dokota sport i had changed the valve cover gaskets, took the trottle body off to clean put it back together tryed to crank it would not start thought is was not firing checked coil it's ok it is getting fire to the plugs it is getting gas but stll dors not fire the codes tell me that stand by memory is lost didn't unplug anything but the injecter plug what seems to be the problem if anyone could help............thanks
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This will probable never even work, but worth a try. With a computer car sometimes you need to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes to re-set the computer.
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Check your fuses first.
Your going to have to find out what is missing
fuel pressure
Injector pulse
spark at the plug

Try spraying carb cleaner into intake while cranking to see if fuel is the issue.
If everything checks out, check compression.
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i already undone the battary that didn't work it's getting gas i can see it coming out of the injector and it's getting fire at the plugs it's like it's getting gas to the throttle body but it's not getting gas to the plugs i'll check the fuses
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Make sure you didn't knock a wire loose or pinched one during the repair.If it worked before it should work now double check your work.
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checked the fuses there ok got the wife to turn it over for me the 2 injecters are not spaying there just pouring the gas in the codes says memory standby is lost could it be the comp, or the injectors it seems like the injectors are not woking changed the regulatar no change could this happen if wires on injectors were crossed?? need help only trasportaion to work.
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the injectors fire simultaneously, so the wires can't be crossed. they also spray almost continuously, so you won't see them pulse. if you look real close, you might see them pulse, but it's hard to see. they should be spraying in a cone type pattern, not pouring as you say. did you have them out, it's possible to roll the lower o-ring and have a big leak into the engine.

you need to double check your firing order and sequence on the distributor cap, make sure #1 wire is lined up with #1 on the cap, aftermarket caps might not have this, but factory does. #1 cylinder is on the driver's side front, but #1 on the cap is on the passenger side (i'm pretty sure)

code 12=battery unplugged, which means nothing for you.

if it still isn't started, make sure you have spark on all the wires.

there has to be something left unplugged, as it ran before the valve covers were replaced, so it's something you did, not another computer----double check all your work

if it's getting gas to the cylinders, the plugs will be wet with fuel, by now it's probably flooded, if everything is ok, hold the gas pedal to the floor and crank away. if it starts now---change the oil too.

post back with your results
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when you say...

"took the throttle body off to clean it"...did you take it apart? If you did, it's most likely a torn, cut, rolled or missing o-ring...there are 2 on each injector. could you possibly have damaged the coolant sensor? (it's located at the t-stat housing, i believe) or possibly cut one of the wires? not likely since you don't have a CTS code. in any event...double check your work...it's something you did and besure to change that oil and most likely the plugs. good luck and let us know what fixes it...

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