1992 chevy blazer


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1992 chevy blazer

i screwed my distruibiture cap up the other day while fixing my control mod up and i put my spark plug wires in the wrong way after starting it it almost blew up i finally fixed the spark plug wires but now my car is blowing off so much exsaust and every time i stop it clowds the car im really not to good with cars but im learning so if any one can give some kind of help it would be verry appreacated
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did you replase the plugs too?
Maybe you had a cylinder that was burning oil, but not fireing,and now that it is firing, it is burning oil?

just a thought.
thanks, Tony d
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Did it smoke before the repair?What color is the smoke?Does it have a defined smell?Please post back with the info.
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92 chevy blazer

well the smoke is a dark grey color and does have a strong smell but not one i can pinpoint all the spark plugs and wires have been checked so i know there on right we found a problemb with a seal on the valve cover and oil was leaking out but a friend of mine said that it wouldnt be smoking because of that leak can you give me your input on that
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What Engine are we talking about?
Gray smoke is oil burning. I assume it's coming out of your tail pipe? Did you try to rev the engine with the wires wrong?
What exactly do you mean by "it almost blew up"? What exactly happened?
If so, pull your plugs one at a time and check the condition of each. You'll be able to tell easily if a cylinder (or more) is burning oil to that extent. Let us know what you find.

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