Trailer Lighting Hookup for 2001 Isuzu Rodeo


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Question Trailer Lighting Hookup for 2001 Isuzu Rodeo

Has anyone installed trailer lighting hookup on a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo? I bought a Hoppy Trailer wiring kit... just plug in... no splicing. Well, I read the directions and it said there should be a plug in the jack compartment. I could not find any plug there. This kit is for a 1998-2000 Rodeo. Is this plug in a different place on the 2001 model? Is there another easy way of doing this?

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Nothing in the owners manual?
You may have to end up getting a plug for the vehical and splicing after all.
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darrell McCoy
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most good harness's come with a plug that goes right into your existing harness without the splice. Splice should not be needed.
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Just follow your tail light wiring back until you find a plug. You separate this plug and your trailer harness will tee in between. The trailer harness will have 2 plugs, 1 to each end of the joint you just separated.
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mike from nj
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it's rare for me to see this connector, but the last one i saw ( on a 1994) was in the jack compartment. it is way, way at the bottom, usually it can be accessed from underneath the vehicle, directly below this jack area, looking from the middle of the vehicle out. there is a rubber plug in the body, if you pull it out, the trailer connector should pop out with it. this wire needs to be protected from rubbing too.

did you look in the vehicle owner's manual? i bet there's a mention in there.

let us know what you find
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The kit I have only has one plug. I've looked all over the jack compartment but could only find the 12v accessory wiring. I'll look under the truck today. Thanks for everyones help so far.
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Did you buy the Isuzu Rodeo New?
You might want to call the dealer too.
The reason I ask is the last time I called a Haundi dealer about a company car I was using, They were a PITA (JMO), 1st thing "Did you buy the car here"?

They still might help you out.
Thanks, Tony D.
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mike from nj
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i looked on a 99 rodeo today, the rubber plug was there in the body(underneath), but no connector popped out.

after it left, i looked in the 01 wiring diagram book, it lists it as being there, the picture shows it hanging down to the level of the jack. it's a white connector, with 6 wires in it.

you know you need a (converter) module to convert from 6 wires(japanese) to 4 wires (american). this should be part of your harness that you'll be plugging in.

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