a/c compressure replacement


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al tipton
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a/c compressure replacement

have 1996 pontiac grand am and need to replace a/c compressure clutch. what tools do i need and any tips for doing the job.
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darrell McCoy
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Better make sure the compressor didnt freeze up causing the clutch problem. Clutch will be 100 at least, plus the special tools required. You may be better off in the long run to replace the entire unit. Might shop around for a decent price, but new it will run 500 plus. Most probably you will have to evac the system, which should be done by an A/C tech, with proper equipment.
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major A/C component...

...replacement doesn't make for a good DIY'er job unless you know some things about them. Dealing with the high pressure gas as well as the environmental issues associated with refrigerants make this a much better job for the professional.
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Nobody changes just the clutches on those for a number of reasons.
1) That clutch failed for a reason whether it be increased high pressure to push which will also tear up the insides and deposit all that metal in the condenser which will make the next one fail even quicker.
2) The heat generated by the clutch slippage will almost always destroy the front seal of the compressor
3) Those compressors are not sold without a clutch so if you install a clutch and then need a compressor, you'll buy another clutch with it.
4) Most of those clutches are pressed on and require special tools to remove them and the compressor can be damaged easily.
5)If the system is not flushed correctly and charged to the correct amount, there is a very good chance of taking out the new compressor. If you use a Reman compressor, you can almost bank on it happening.
6)Sufficient air flow over condenser has to be checked or that can ruin the new compressor
All in all, you can spend a lot more trying to do this job by yourself and really should leave it to the professionals who have the right equipment for the job including recovering the old freon.
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I don't advise DIY a/c work, your eyes are much to valuable as is your skin.I agree if the clutch is bad there is probably a reason it went bad.If it's just not engaging it could be a switch or refigerant charge level.

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