Newbies Please help!


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Newbies Please help!

Hello everybody,
I am driving Isuzu rodeo 2000, V6, 2WD. any expert here please instruct me how to change for transmission fluid, rear axle oil and power steering wheel fluid. any help is greatly appreciated.Thank you,
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What you need to do is purchase a service manual for that vehicle and it will give you detailed instructions. We couldn't be thorough enough here.

You can also by a 1 vehicle subscription from Alldata for I think $25
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Try your local library perhaps they have repair manuals you could borrow.
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Our local library subscribes to something similar to Aldata where you can pull up repair information & specifications for most vehicles for free. I think it is "Mitchels on demand". If you had it at home you would have to pay like Desi said.

If you are lucky enough to find a manual at the library, great but they seldom seem to have the one I need.

The factory manuals are usually best if you can find one or are willing to buy one. Helm prints most all factory manuals and you can order online but they are not cheap. Most will be in the $100.00 range. I would try E Bay also.

Don't expect much help from the dealer or the factory!!! We had a 1999 Rodeo. I wanted to find the block drain plug. The dealer said there is not one. Isusu was no help. I found a plug in the block that I thought was a drain plug and took it to the dealer, showed them where it was and asked what is it. They did not have a clue. I asked them what they would order if it fell out and they needed a replacement and the service manager and parts manager had no clue.

So I decided to take it out. Guess what it was a block drain plug that Isusu said does not exist.

I was real careful not to lose it.
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Mitchels on demand
Thats a good program
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mike from nj
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well, here's the dealer, and here to help you too.

sometimes it depends on who you actually talk to in the dealer and more importantly---HOW you ask. the people behind the desk are usually clueless, as after a year of employment, i still can't get them to even write a parking space number on the repair order. i have photocopied entire chapters of drivibility manuals (for trouble codes) for non-customers of the dealer, for only a 'thanks'

binhnguyen: to change those fluids, i'll say "some dissassembly required"

rear axle: unbolt the differential cover, break the silicone seal loose, by hitting it sideways lightly with a hammer. let it all drain out, then the cover and the housing both need to be cleaned spotless, meaning, cleaned to bare metal, then sprayed with a good 'brake parts' cleaner so there is no residue of oil left. wipe a thin bead of 'gear oil resistant' silicone on there and bolt it up while it's still soft. let it dry a little bit, then fill it up with about 2.5 quarts of gear oil(until it spills out). if it's a posi (limited slip rear axle), add the additive first, before filling. after a test drive, there should be NO leaks, or you will drive it out of fluid and the rear will seize up.

trans: pull the 3/4inch drain plug, a lot of fluid will come out fast. filling it isn't so easy. the fill plug is right next to it, only higher up. put the drain plug back in with a new gasket, and start squirting fluid back in to the 'fill' plug hole. after 3 quarts, start the engine up, idling, in park, and on a level ground, add another 1.5 quarts until it dribbles out of the hole. what i do is take a squirt top from a gear lube bottle, and put it on the trans bottle, and fill it that way. i usually wait until the 60,000 mile service to replace the filter, and even then it looks like it has a bit of life left to it.

ps fluid: i cut an antifreeze bottle in half, take out the p/s resevoir from it's mounting clamp, with the lid off, turn it upside down and let it all drain into the jug. i even have a helper start the engine and turn the steering wheel to get all the fluid out.

ask any more questions you might have, you will find the answers here. (but the factory service manual is sooo full of good information, maybe inquire at for one on CD)

i would burn you a copy of the factory manual, but it won't work without specific program and a software 'lock' on the computer.
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Hello All,
First of all, thanks all. All of yours info is really helpful to me, i will follow Mike instruction to do the job. Again please thank you all.

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