1998 Mercury Wagon: Not hot air problem.


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1998 Mercury Wagon: Not hot air problem.

I have the following checked / diagnosed /fixed already but still not getting hot air -- well, the air is barely warm with the temp control dialed to Hot (red) range (but not as cold as 30 F degree outside). While it is dialed to Cold (blue) range, the air is as cold as outside. Need expert advice.

1. The coolant was low but already top it up to normal level from the coolant filler tank. I tried to check the level from the radiator cap but could not find it -- the user's manual doesn't mention this cap at all!.

2. The temp guage warm up normally -- it takes about 15 mim to 2/5 of gauge as usual -- indicating the thermstat and water pump may be OK.

3. Air blower is working fine as I can feel cold or warm air.

4. No coolant smell now and in the past, inside or outside. No significant leakage of coolant /engine oil now and past. Engine oil looks fine ( not milky).

Next I will try to check the heater hoses, heater control valves and probably airflow control. Am I on right track? Where are these located? I hope that I don't have to lift the car.
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check both heater hoses, are they getting hot? Sounds like you are doing the correct procedure, process of elimination.
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You are on the right track. Check before you replace. Thats always the best way, and the correct way. Sounds like you could have a heater core or blend door issue. Just keep on the track you are taking and you should be able to find the problem. Let us know if we can help further.
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These cars have problems with the blend door not closing all the way.

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