Injector Cleaning


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Question Injector Cleaning

My car is a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant LS 2.4 L with Automatic O/D tranny. I have been considering buying and using that Injector and valve cleaning fuel additive. Is there any harm in doing this? I wanna be safe and not sorry, coz the label on the additive is very convincing("use this product to clear particles from the injector and valves and avoid costly repairs or cleaning"...y'know how they do it!!).
I'd love to use it if someone who's used these types of fuel added valve cleaners can attest to their efficacy.
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All I can say is go to a dealer to get full strength professional injector cleaner I know it works.I can't attest to any parts store brand.Cleaning won't hurt anything but may not fix a problem if you are having one are you?
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Thumbs up No Davo, no problems

Davo, thanks for the reply. I was going to use the cleaner as part of preventive maintenance. The car works just fine.
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darrell McCoy
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I dunno spursfan, if it aint broke dont fix it. The part number escapes me but if you want to use a detergent, GM has a cleaner. About 15-18 bucks a bottle, but it sez on the label, not for repeated use.
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Toyota has a pressurized can that works well. I have seen many times it correct a clogged injector.

Engine will have a miss from a bad injector and after a couple of minutes on the can straighten out.

Have also used 3M but the Toyota stuff seems better. It has a strong ammonia smell to it.
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There's really nothing wrong with the car. And since Darrell says not to fix what's not broke, I was wondering if I have to wait until the injectors are clogged to do something!! The car just hit 92 thousand miles and I've taken real good care of it. Just wanted to extend the TLC to those injectors before I see a drop in gas mileage, power loss etc. So which is a better cleaner, the GMC or Toyota product (for when I eventually have to do it)?
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Well, your injectors shouldn't get clogged if you do proper maintenance Such as replacing the fuel filter when it should be.
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mike from nj
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i think injector cleaner is used to remove varnish and carbon buildup, both products of gasoline that settle in the tip of the injector when gas evaporates. the lighter end stuff evaporates away, and leaves the nasty heavy end stuff behind.

have you ever left gas in a lawnmower for a year or two, what you find in the gas tank and throughout the carb is that same stuff. 'rebuilding' the carb, removes all that crud, and restores it's performance.

if something is getting past the fuel filter, like dirt, rust, metal shavings from a failing pump, or even the filter media itself, injector cleaner won't dissolve that.

still, good maintenance is replacing the filter when called for, according to the manual.

and follow the directions exactly on whatever you buy, if it says use only with a full tank, do it! you could end up dissolving more than just varnish.
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Mitsu makes a product in a pressurized can also. I have used theirs once.

Never did believe in "miracle" in a can products but, the Toyota stuff has corrected bad injectors as it was running on that stuff. Have seen it work on many occasions.

I would recommend using it as a mantenance procedure. I would rather use that then depend on cleaners that are supposed to be in the gas that I buy.

Injectors can cost upwards of $200 a piece. Even on an injector volume test I recommend using the pressurized cleaner before the test. An $100 pressurized service may save one or more $200 injector from being replaced.

One draw back about the pressurized can is you need the can tap-hose assy with the proper adapter. Cost about $80- $100.
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darrell McCoy
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Injectors are sometime a little difficult to understand. I have seen problems on veh at 40,000 miles and then others have 150,000 miles and have had no problems. Maybe it is just the gas? Maybe driving habits, short trips? But maintain the fuel filter changes, I think this is a plus. Engine lite came on my 4.3 a few months ago, code was read and determined a misfire at 1 MPH. I didnt notice anything, so dumped a can of GM cleaner in a "full tank" and reset lite. Wifes Buick misfired at 35ish thou. Had a bad injector. So the miracle in a can would have done nothing for this.

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