95 Neon won't start


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95 Neon won't start

When I turn on the switch there is no motor turn over or even dash warning lights. The starter turns over if crossed. There is power to the ignition switch until I turn on the ignition then the power dissapears. I was going by a wiring diagram from bulldog security on a remote satrter to determine the hot (red) the ignition (dark blue) and the starter (yellow). Can I unhook the harness to the switch and use jumpers from the red to blue then red to yellow to start the car? It is a manual transmision and the starter probably would not engage til I put in the clutch. I would value any suggestions.
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mike from nj
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yes, you can jumper those wires if you do it safely. i guess this is one way to tell if the ignition switch is bad. don't forget, there's also the clutch switch on this circuit too, as is the starter relay AND the starter fuse (underhood, a 30 amp one) did you check those first?

i say do it safely because, sometimes when jumpering wires, the clips touch the wrong wire next to it on the same connector, and power goes to the wrong circuit. now you have two problems.

please, please, tell me you're not hooking up a remote starter to a stick shift car. i always thought it was illegal, and for a good reason. one of my friends at work did it to his neon, and bypassed the clutch switch so the system would work. one day, someone in his house moved his car. later, he hit the buttons, and it drug the back tires until it ended up at a tree. picture if someone had their back to the car, think who would end up with charges against them.

let us know what you find.
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mike from nj
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one more thing: if this car ever had an alarm system, if the alarm module were removed to make it be not controlled by the alarm anymore, there is still the starter interrupt relay. without an alarm module to allow it to work, and let the starter engage, you'll have what you have---a no start. you would need to reconnect the factory wires in that case, the two ends of the yellow wire that the relay would be interrupting now.

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