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Toyota Matrix

No problem here just a question.I have a 2003 Toyota Matrix 1.8L engine.I have went over the maintenance book and find no place were it says fuel filter change for routine maintenance.
Were is it?I would think Toyota or any car should have one.In the old days every car had an inline fuel filter whats the deal with the new ones?
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I cant say that it does have a fuel filter. At least not an inline one. Im sure there is a filter in the tank with the puel pump module. I checked the service intervals listed on Alldata and from 0 to 120k miles it doesnt say anything about replacing a fuel filter.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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It's in the tank, Toyota has never had a recommendation to change any EFI fuel filter. Thats why you cannot find it in the book.

We do not change them as a maintenance item following the factory recommendation and don't have a problem with them. Only when the fuel is contaminated do we change them.

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Ok thanks Toyotaman I guess I will forget it then till the car starves for fuel.I dont think this is a very good thing to do but I just drive them and dont design them.
I recall the old days with those little plastic see thru filters all the stuff it caught little bits of sand and what not.

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