91 Chevy S10


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91 Chevy S10

4 cylinder 1.9(?) litre (Dads truck) 5 speed manual tranny

While driving to work this morning, a few miles from home, I noticed a slight "surge" while downshifting, shifted into 3rd and was ok until 10 miles or so, when I downshifted for a stop sign and felt the same thing; however the truck eventually died and would not start for me. It feels like its not getting fuel and I'm not sure where to start. Has anyone experienced a similar problem that could possibly point me in the right direction?


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darrell McCoy
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simple things first, check fuel pressure. May have a bad filter, water in gas or bad pump.
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Pumps are common on that vehicle. Check the fuel pressure and then power at the pump when the key is first cycled on.
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91 Chevy S10


Thanks for the posts - found water in gas. Being a transplanted Californian, I forget about the cold winters affecting fuel.

Thanks Again!


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