light truck tires


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light truck tires

my son has a 94 gmc sonoma extended cab.4x4.he is looking for some good all weather good traction tires. he has some 31x 10.50 on now which is bought used a few months ago but are actually rubbing when he turnes corners. i am trying to talk him into getting some lt235/75r15 or something similar. somthing a little oversized from actual stock tire for that truck.
could anyone suggust some good tration tire brands without spending a fortune. we are expecting to pay around $300 or so.we are looking for a good tread and handling.good in ice and snow. thanks for any input. hes wanting to get some around x-mas.
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Sorry, I don't have an answer but 10.5 sounds huge on just about anything other than drag racers - no wonder they are rubbing
Believe it or not:
Narrower tires do better in snow
Stock size tires do better for handling
Specialty tires do better in ice or whatever their thing is (not much else)
Good tread?...for
sticking to the road=really bad in cold and weather
off-road=noisy and bad handling on the highway
If you modify the suspension (springs, shocks, ect.) and sensor and speedo calibration, (speedo gears and speed sensors) you can compensate for deviations from stock but...
stock size is usually best

If you want an off-road demon or a 1/4 mile blaster or a road course king or the snow king there are choices worth what you give up but you can't have them all

And, in any place north,...always, I have been guilty (most of the time) of not doing this myself, but it is always better to have a set of winter (stock or narrow snow tires, on steel rims) tires for the snow season
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Hi Roeboat109

About 4 years ago a friend who is a Tire dealer reccomened a Tire named Hankook. It is a tire made in Korea by an old well known Company but untill now only in europe, as a fine well made tire.

I was tiped of due to the lower than avarage return rates of this brand. I use the LT R75-15 RT for all weather use on my Trucks at just over $300.00 for a set of 4. The 5500 lb Chevrolet Impala wears the 80,000 mile P 225 R75-15 also I believe around $330.00 for a set of 4. Unbelievable low prices for a tire of this quality.

I have to say these tires are some of the best tires I have run in the last 10 years. Tires & brakes are so important to us & these are the only tires we have purchased at this price. Normaly the tires costs us at least $130 + each.

Everyones truck we have put them on so far, love the way they ride & the long wearing all season tire they claim to be, seems to be. The return rate we lower than the Michliens. Do a search on them (HanKook) I was surprised how well they are liked in Europe & now the US. I do feel we are getting, the get to know us rate & someday we will be paying much more for this fine tire.
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If the wheels are stock width I would put on 235/75R15.Go to a tire shop and look around you may find the tire you like.Ask questions why is this tire better than that one,why is this tire so cheap compared to the others?I worked at a tire store and you get what you pay for.A $50 tire will not last like a $100 tire never did never will.Don't compare treadwear,traction and temperature ratings between manufacturers it does't work.They compare the tire to their other tires.Tires can vary from 8/32 to 17/32 of tread also new off the shelf.You need to weigh the needs you have with the selection offered to you.
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The 235 tire is about all you can stand tire size wise. You will find what works on snow only wont usually work on ice I have used uniroyal and michelin A/S on my different sonomas for years with no problem. If its really bad, I use a few sandbags in the bed. But I dont do any boonie tricks in mud and snow. I just drive them for my own transportation. Plus I like the normal ride and no howling tires.
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All good replies. To maintain the integrity of the vehicle you should stick to the size tire that the manufacturer equipped it with. I believe a P225/75R15 was the correct size for a 2wd PU. If you have a 4X4 then that is a whole different ball of wax. I used to work as a tire technician and installed alot of tires on alot of different vehicles. I bought a set of Liberator tires for my old Ford PU and really like them. They are P235/75R15 (probably where you should stop on this truck) They dont make noise and have an aggressive enough tread pattern to effectively cut through snow. No tire is really good on ice, but some are made to handle pretty well. Trucks, especially small trucks, need assistance (the sandbags Darrell mentioned) in inclimate weather and that should be taken into consideration when purchasing your tires. The Liberator tires if I remember correctly are made byGoodYear and marketed by Kelly Springfield.
Hope this helps ya,

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