1983 280zx turbo


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1983 280zx turbo

car backfires when excelerating. i have put in a new fuel filter, new sparkplugs, new wires, new dist cap, new rotor, new air filter, when excellarating car loses power andbackfires.
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Those cars used to have a lot of problems with the injector harnesses.
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Check your water temperature sensor (for the fuel injection not temp gauge). I don't know ZX's are the same but I used to have a '76 280Z w/FI, the temp sensor was critical for the correct air/fuel ratio. Might want to find a Z specific forum for better help. zcar.com is a good one.
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turbo engines usually push things to their limits (or at least they should be)

meaning, everything has to be (very) good for it to operate properly.

the first step is exactly what you did, plugs, wires, cap and rotor.

even very poorly made 'new' wires can cause this, as also the wrong spark plugs(heat rating)---- you want the exact factory plugs in this

next step is to monitor fuel pressure while under boost, and if possible, backprobe the oxygen sensor with a digital voltmeter and rig it up so you can read it while driving the car. both of these reading will tell you a lot.

also possible,
--wastgate is stuck, and it's overboosting(do you have a gauge?)
--timing is set too far advanced
--fuel grade it too low (you should be running at least 93 octane)
--does it have a mass air flow sensor? possibly a loose connection in the air ducting somewhere between that and the engine.

let us know what you find.

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