New brake pad residue


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Question New brake pad residue

Had my '95 Camry's brake pads replaced as well as truing the rotors. I realize that some black dust and residue is to be expected early on, but 5-6 weeks later I'm still getting massive amounts of black residue spilling out from both front wheels when I wash them. Is this something I should be concerned about, or is it thenormal breaking in process? I don't ever remember having this much "stuff" come out from my wheels after prvious brakework. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.......
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It all depends on the quality of the brake pads and the type of driving you do. If you are heavy footed then you will see lots of brake dust. If the pads are cheap pad then the same thing. As longs as you dont hear any noise or have any vibration I would not worry about it. Brake dust is a normal condition with disk brakes.
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I have seen some pretty shoddy rotor resurfacing. Some were terribly rough, that is hard on new pads.
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It is probably from the material the pads are made of. This can be from cheap pads, but also high performance (racing) pads tend to be very dusty. Look at a BMW some time. Their wheels are usually covered with brake dust.

The more dust you see the faster the pads are wearing.
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check rear brakes

if the rears are wore alot this will cause more clamping force from the front
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what about from the old pads?

are you diligent about cleaning your wheels and even behind them? the dust can get trapped behind the wheels and wheel covers and so everytime that you hit it with the water hose, some more comes out. I'd say that if you clean them very regularly, you might want to take a close look at the rotor finish and/or ask your installer just what pads they use during brake service.

i doubt you have any trouble with the rears...the fronts do about 80% of the work anyway...

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