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What is the easiest and most effective way of flushing a heater core?

Do certain procedures need to be followed if the vehicle has A?C or does that not matter when flushing?

Thanks Again.
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garden hose.
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Garden hose usually works, flush it opposite the flow of water, go at it easy SOme city water pressure is pretty high.
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Is there a certain adapter I would need for the hose? Or do you just hold it against the opening and pray? Also would I need to collect everything that comes out or would it not be toxic?
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You can hold the end of the hose against the heater hose. If you have a helper to turn the water off & on it will help. This will reduce the chance of damage from high pressure since if the pressure is real high you will get a little wet if it leaks where you are holding the hose against the heater hose. Go both directions with the flow a few times to back flush the core.

Make sure you by pass the heater control valve or that it is in the open position.

You are not supposed to let antifreeze just go on the ground. (Of course who catches the antifreeze everytime there is an accident?) Catch what you can before you flush. Call your sewer dept., as many allow you to put antifreeze in the sewer.

Be careful around animals and children. Many like the taste and a small amount can be deadly to them.

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