Two oil hoses to a steering speed sensor


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Two oil hoses to a steering speed sensor


I have just replaced the clutch disk in my Honda Accord '92. While removing the transaxle I disconnected two hoses that are attached to the stand with the steering speed sensor (or something like that). Some oil have been spilled from the hoses during that. Now, when transaxle is back, I do not know what to do about these hoses and that oil. I guess I need to replenish it, or may be bleed some fluid system. The problem is that I cannot identify these hoses. Does anybody know what do they do, and where did that oil come from? Was it an engine oil? It most certainly couldn't have been a transaxle oil since I drained it earlier. And I do not know about other oil systems in the car. Is there a separate steering oil line or something?

Thanks! I would appreciate an advice on this since I am afraid to start the car with the possibility that there isn't enough lubricant in some subsystem.
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Reattach the hoses and top off your'e power steering fluid and your'e done.The sensor it part of the speed sensitive steering system.
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It sounds like you disconnected the steering rack and pinion hoses. Trace the hoses to their other end and one should be going to the power steering pump and the other to a reservoir. The reservoir is a little plastic bottle with a cap. If that is empty then that is likely where the fluid came from. As long as your engine oil level and your tranny oil level are topped up then you should not have a problem starting the car. Check everything twice before proceeding.
Hope this is helpful to ya,

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