1998 Camry water pump replaced at 90K


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1998 Camry water pump replaced at 90K

Hi! I just found this great forum, and thought posting this question. I recently had 90k mile service done at Toyota shop. The service guy recommended replacing timing belt and water pump. I had heard about timing belt so OKed, but not about water pump. He said the problem was the water pump (the metal part) did not spin smoothly; it was not leaking yet but was going to because of it. We went to my car. I tried, and indeed the belt did not spin as freely as the other belts next to it. He said having both done at the same time saves labor (which seems right.) It was $120 on parts and $130 on 1.5 hour labor.

My questions are Was the water pump going to leak because of the problem he described? Was it wise to have it replaced then, or could I have waited? Was $250 too high?

Thanks in advance.
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You got good advice. I'm sure it would not last another 60,000 miles!
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it's almost always good insurance...

...to replace a timing belt driven water pump during timing belt service. it's definately cheaper to do them together rather than separately...stick with that tech...he did you a good service!!
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I agree you were given good advice and the price seems well inline for the job.Sounds like an honest guy to me.
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good deal

Yes I would also have changed the pump It could have been good but while the belt is being replaced is the time.Good insurance and good advice.
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Definately good deal. Great representation for all of the good, honest mechanics out there.
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Was the $250 for the entire job or are the $'s you quoted JUST for the water pump? If so, 1.5 hours labor would be excessive; once you get far enough to do the timing belt, replacing the water pump is about a 15 minute job tops [at least on the 2.2L; I'm guessing the V-6 would be similar].

Good insurance on the water pump replacement at any rate as previously noted.
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I think it's more than a 15 minute job. It might take 15 minutes alone to drain, refill and warm it up to purge the cooling system.

Also you are responsible for the seals and gaskets that are involved in changing the water pump as opposed to none doing the belt.
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Thanks, Toyman; I was only thinking about the pump itself (duh!). However, 1.5 still seems pretty generous since removing the covers, etc would be included in the t-belt time.

How much more PITA-factor is there on the V-6 over the 2.2L? I've only done the 4 cyl. but our next Camry might have the 6.
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To be honest we get an add 1.0 to relace the pump on a T-belt job.

We don't know what the T-belt cost nonothing, only the additional for the pump.

We charge a about $100 hour for repairs, but the T-belt is a special and we charge $199.95 P&L. The whole job, Belt, Pump, gallon of coolant with parts & labor is $430.

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