Electrical - Windows stuck 86 Cadillac HELP!


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Question Electrical - Windows stuck 86 Cadillac HELP!

I own a 86 Caddilac DeVille. it runs great but for some reason I can't get my back windows to go up?! I don't know much about the electrical systems in cars and don't want to spend tons of $ on getting a pro to check it out. anyone know where to fix the windows?
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Windows are pretty easy to fix. The is a motor inside he door and after a will gunk and dirt will get inside the door and in the motor. You will have to take off the door panels and clean them out. It might not hurt to hit it with some WD40 or grease. At the dealer it shouldn’t cost much unless they need to order new motors; but you shouldn’t have to pay more then 200 max I would think.
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If you get the door panels off remove the wiring connecter from the motor.Take a test light or voltmeter between both of terminals hit the switch try both directions.If the testlight lights the motor is bad.If the voltmeter reads around 12 volts the motor is bad.If this does not occur the window switch is bad or you have a broken wire.The wires usually goe bad where they flex at the drivers door(inside the rubber boot).

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