Ford 1.8 LXi CVH - Torque settings-HELP!


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Question Ford 1.8 LXi CVH - Torque settings-HELP!


I am about to replace the head gasket and a pair of lifters on a Ford Sierra 1.8 LXi 1993 CVH and I would like to be able to confirm the torque settings and stages for tightening the cylinder head bolts. I also require the torque settings for the rocker bolts.
I have a Haynes manual but that states I will require an "angle" wrench, unfortunately I do not have one of them only a torque wrench. Will the torque wrench be OK or will I need to get an angle wrench?
Anyone who can send me a jpg of the Ford workshop manual for the Sierra (CVH) with the correct torque settings.....will be a friend for life!

Many thanks up front, have a good xmas,

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I'm sorry but we don't get that in the US so I can't be much help.If it says you need a torque angle guage I would get one and use it.Someone else may have more info.

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Is this 1.8 a Mazda built motor? I just haven't seen one of these in the States? I know that Escort,Tracer and Capri have them, and I can get those specs If you let me know? As far a anglewrench get a SILVER SHARPIE PIN an mark a line on the top of the headbolt head and use it to judge the degree's that the bolt will need to be turned. Or any color that you can see.
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The following specs are for Metric bolts, listed by grade and BOLT DIAMETER (which is not the same as HEX SIZE). These specs are for CLEAN, DRY THREADS. Lubricating the threads will change THESE NUMBERS drastically.

low carbon (5D) Med (8G) Med (10K) High carbon (12K)
6mm 5 6 8 10
8mm 10 16 22 27
10mm 19 31 40 49
12mm 34 54 70 86
14mm 55 89 117 137
16mm 83 132 175 208
18mm 111 182 236 283
22mm 182 284 394 464
24mm 261 419 570 689

I'm assuming your torque wrench reads in FT/LBS as well as Newton. If for some reason it doesn't, re-post here and I'll find the Newton conversion.

BTW, the head markings for the above grade are (or should be)
5D =no marking, 8G= 8.8, 10K= 10.9, 12K= 12.9.

Hope this helps.

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Wow, thanks guys for the replies.

It is a FORD engine from their Dearborn plant, circa 1990-1993. The bolts, I belive, will be lubricated to a degree.
I have a Haynes manual (it's very "un-technical" UK publication which takes a car and disassembles.... dissassembles...... disasembles....takes it all apart! and then puts it back together again - supposedly in a simple fashion) and it states that they cylinder head bolts should be tightened to between 22 and 30 ft/lb at the first stage, 30 to 44 ft/lb at the second stage, then an angle gauge should be used to tighten each bolt by 90 degrees, then a repeat tightening of another 90 degrees to complete the process.

I'm not convinced that this is absolutely correct (of course, I may well be just paranoid!) and so I would love to be able to confirm the settings against the Sierra 1.8 LXi CVH Workshop manual.

I do appreciate the help and the postings given.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.


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