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I'm aware this doesn't pertain to Automotives, but I wish to all that visit here and my fellow moderators to have a joyus holiday season.Please find it in your heart to remember those that don't have the same fortune as others.Whether monetarily or those that have lost love ones this year due to illness or the military actions we are involved in.People in managed care facilities or nursing homes might like a little visit from a freind that they haven't met yet.Doesn't take alot just give a little bit and it doesn't need to be money.I also think the little ones(toys for tots is great)need something to look forward to also.I wish to thank all the members and moderators for a great year and hope next year will be even better. Please be safe during this holiday season.
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Davo, What else could anyone say? What a great site and the HELP that all of us give just has to help in this AUTO WORLD. If we fix one car a day we have done this for the LORD! AND THAT"S THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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heading out for a couple weeks...

...going to europe to see some relatives and won't get to enjoy the forum til I get back. Here's to all of you who strive to help others. Please have safe and happy holidays!!

PS...i'll make afew turns for you skiers while skiing in the Alps!!

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