Fuel Pump??


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Fuel Pump??

I just bought myself a 1998 Chevy Truck, love the truck, but I'm annoyed by a noise. It's coming from the fuel pump. It makes a whirling noise on start up, but doesn't stop until the truck is turned off. I asked my repair man and he said that some do and some don't make that noise. Just wondering if anybody knew anything about this??


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darrell McCoy
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Your repair man is probably giving you straight answeres, my GMC whines at startup, and for a sec. after ign is shut off. cant hear it after motor is running tho. Least I dont listen for it.
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most electric fuel pumps...

...make SOME noise. some are objectionable and some are pretty quiet. keep in mind that a restricted fuel line (fuel filter not serviced often enough) can cause the noise level to elevate. you might improve it by changing the filter, esp if it's been ignored...which happens on MANY vehicles. if it's way overdue for a filter, the pump may even be damaged some. I wouldn't get too excited about this...just keep in mind that any electric fuel pump deserves to have the fuel filter changed regularly AND don't run the tank low on fuel all the time as the fuel is what cools the pump.

PS...on my 2000 Tahoe, the pump whines, but it's only noticeable outside the vehicle
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Have'nt chimed in for a while--way too busy to type--just time to read. LOL! But, having a '98 5.7 myself--that sucker is noisy! I got 80k on mine and all my buds that have the same truck had to replace the fuel pump between 80-120k. I helped with all of them. When my truck is idling that is all you hear is the damn fuel pump--been like that since new!

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