Weird Subaru oil leak


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Weird Subaru oil leak

I posted on here a few weeks ago about our Subie losing 2 quarts of oil in about 600 miles, to and in Colorado. But it didn't lose a drop on the 1100 mile trip home. Nor did it lose any in the next 200 or so that my wife put on it around town.

A couple of weeks after returning home it started to leak consistently, but I couldn't find where it was coming from, it looked like it might be the front main seal, BUT, when we pulled the timing cover it WAS DRY INSIDE, and no oil being slung onto the timing belt!

Took it to a mechanic that I know and trust and he concurred. Looked like it was coming from the main but no evidence inside the timing cover. And driving it easy around town and leaving it running on the lift didn't show any evidence of leaking.

On the theory that it had to be the main, they pulled it, found a crack in it and replaced it, problem fixed.

So the problem just didn't show up under low to moderate loads. Oncly when I drove it, hard.

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Thanks for the update glad it's fixed.
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Engine oil Dye tracer would have helped nail it down much faster

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