RAV4 coolant service


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RAV4 coolant service

I'm planning on replacing the coolant of our 1999 RAV4 with new Toyota antifreeze. Is there an engine drain for the coolant? The dealers' normal procedure is to drain at the radiator only, even for vehicles with an engine drain. Some are offering a power flush for some extra money. Any comments on the power flush? What about using radiator cleaners? Not experiencing any over-heating problems.
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Unless your cooling system is sludged up, the power flush really isn't nessessary but getting all the old coolant out would be much better. I would remove the top radiator hose and put a water hose in the radiator cap then run the engine until the thermostat opens and the water runs clear from the top radiator hose. Then drain the radiator while the engine is still hot and t-stat is open.
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There is a block drain (plug) on the rear side of the block. If you have all wheel drive it's going to tuff to get at.

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