Radiator question

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Radiator question

My car is:
1995 Honda Accord 4 Door 2.4
I was getting ready to flush my radiator and saw the hose (the largest hose on the radiator) that is near the cap and runs to the engine block was leaking. I found that where it goes into the block it is leaking apparently at a seal. THe hose plugs into a module that has a electrical plug on it. It's a very small component but I can't figure out what it is.

Any ideas? It seems pretty easy to change the seal - or is it hard? It has a few screws on it. I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone since it has some antifreeze around it. Should I change it? Also should i change this after I've flushed and drained the system?

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That sounds like the thermostat housing and the electrical component is the coolant temp sensor. The gasket behind the housing is pretty easy to change, just clean all of the old gasket off realy good. If you still have the old constant pressure clamp then change it to a screw type clamp. Those clams loosen and cause leaks over time. You can do this in whatever order you want but you are draining the system so you might as well replace the gasket while there is no coolant in there.
Hope this is helpful to ya,

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