faded plastic auto trim


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faded plastic auto trim

Anyone have any advice on restoring the black plastic trim on their cars? The black trim/moldings have faded due to washing and waxing (and probably the sun too). Can trim be painted black? Or, is there a good product out there that can permanently restore the trim color to black again?

I have used something called Black Magic in the past - looks incredible until it rains, but does not last.
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Not really much you can do. Unpainted plastic trim is difficult to keep shiny. Im thinking the only thing you can really do is just keep it coated with some kind of protectant to keep some simblance of luster.
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PlastiKote makes a paint called bumper black. It's a paint and works great!

If you want to make it look good again, C.A.R. Products makes this stuff called final detailer that makes it look great for a while.
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Peanut butter. Spread it on. Have yourself a sandwich. Wash it off. Not permanant but works.
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My cousin swears by a vinyl protectant called '303' he gets from a pool supply house. I keep forgetting to pick up a bottle myself so I can't speak firsthand but it kinda makes sense that their stuff would be more 'industrial' so to speak. He says it doesn't give that wet look but restores to a deep black color.

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