To lift or not to lift


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To lift or not to lift

Hi all just a quick question. I have came across a 3 inch body lift for my 92 Rodeo which i can take for $25 sealed in box yet. I have fairly large tires on it right now, im guessing off hand they are about 31 inch tires and fairly wide. I am wondering if i bought this lift kit and installed it if I have to go around messing with things like the steering etc because of the body being lifted. Is it alot fo work besides installing a kit? Do brake lines need to be lengthened etc? Thanks again!!
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mike from nj
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a jacked up vehicle might help you a little bit if you go far off-roading.

otherwise, leave it alone, there is quite a bit involved with lifting a truck. wiring, brakes, linkages, fan shroud among other things.

and what you gain off-road, you lose while driving on the highway(the other 99% of the time) you can tip or roll it that much easier, and also not stop it as quick as you're used to.

my 2 cents
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Actually, if you get a lift "kit" most, if not all, the parts you need should be there. Remember, if your only lifting the truck and not installing larger tires, you will not gain any "functional" ground clearance(ie. distance from axle to ground can only be increased with larger tires) that is what a body lift allows.

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