Oil Exploded, Causing a Breakdown on Highway!

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Angry Oil Exploded, Causing a Breakdown on Highway!

1995 Chevy Blazer SL 4 x 4
6 Cylinder
4 door

Tonight driving home, the 'check gauge' light came on after 10 minutes of driving, and 2 minutes later, the truck began making a loud 'glug,glug, glug' noise. The truck stalled on the highway losing all power (at 65 miles an hour! Dang!). Oil was spewed all over the engine, and the truck no longer starts. It was towed home. Any ideas would be most appreciated, as my husband is freaking out. Thanks!!!
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Something let go to dump all of your oil possibly oil filter, oil cooler/line or a hole punched in the oil pan,oil sender, etc. The check gauges light was telling you that you had no oil pressure. By what you've described, go look for a new engine. This one is history.
Obviously have it diagnosed for sure but it really doesn't sound too promising.
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Doesnt sound good!!! Check gage usually means the fuel gage, but im not sure on that particular vehicle. What does it do? Will it turn over at all?
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darrell McCoy
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Most likely you blew an oil cooler line, probably at the crimp joint.
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Yes, it does turn over.,.....wubba wubba wubba (sounds like.) Do these types of engines have any protective functions (i.e. will it shut down before unfixable damage?)......let me know

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Which check gauge came on? If it was the low oil light, and you drove for 2 minutes at 65 mph that engine is probably toast.
The only protective device on that car is the driver. A Check engine light can be ignored for a while, a low oil/high temperature can't be ignore for even 30 seconds. If your engine stopped while driving it did so because it siezed. Attempting to turn it over now will make things only worse. You may try to fix the damaged oil filter line (which is probaby failed), change the oil and attempt to run it, but I would not get any hopes up.

Next time the low oil light comes on or the gauge drops to zero you should turn off the engine immediately...and remember that you loose your power brakes and sterring when you do that.. so be prepared to really push on those brakes.
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mike from nj
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pull the dipstick and keep adding oil until it's full, then you'll know how low it actually was. if it takes 5 quarts, then you were driving without any oil whatsoever. usually the light comes on when it's too late anyway, hence the name 'idiot' light.

this is not a good christmas present (unless you're the mechanic replacing the engine)

see if it will at least start with some oil in it. if it makes any noise, shut it right off, and have it towed to a competant shop for an accurate diagnosis.
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New Development

Hi, well, we sent the 1995 Chevy Blazer to the 'Dr.', and now that we have it back (NOT A SEIZED ENGINE HALLALUHAH!) it 'glug glug glugged' all the way home. Any ideas? It's riding really rough, which, when we had work done 2 months ago, when we left the mechanics, it was doing that. Should we drive it, or not? The mechanic says it's fine, but it drives like a '77, not a '95. Any comments are appreciated! Thanks!
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Also, the last 'dr.'s' visit, they said little carbon chips escaped and got in the system, causing rough idle-ing....not sure if this it the source or not?
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Sounds like you need a second opinion.
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go elsewhere and see what they say. Now the glug, glug - check the coolant - is it low? That could be the noise if its low but it shouldn't stall and if there is oil everywhere you may have multi-problems. Was the oil cap left off after a recent oil change? See a dealer for an est./second opinion.

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