2.5 turbo motor swap


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2.5 turbo motor swap

i have a 89 voyager with the 2.5 turbo and a 3 speed tranny. i just got as a freebie an 83 2.2 and 3 speed from a reliant with 35,000 original miles and intend on doing a motor swap i know that the 2.5 uses the same block as the 2.2 so where is the differanceand if it is the head should i keep the 2.5 head or not.
i know most would not bother with this type of van but dont ask me why i like it then again my old van was a 88 toyotawith 240,000+ last time it drove out of my yard
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mike from nj
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step 1: obtain a can of worms
step 2: open up the can of worms

2.2 and 2.5 block are not the same

2.5L turbo,
--has an oil drain back hole in the back of the block for the turbo
--is a beefier block
--has a complete counter-balance assembly on the bottom
--head bolts are 11mm diameter
--camshaft is calibrated for the turbo
--is fuel injected
the "turbo" trans is much stronger too, more clutches in both clutch packs, stronger servos, valve body is calibrated for the turbo's operating rpm, has a higher stall torque converter, and is also a lock-up torque converter.

2.2 from 83 is
--anything carbureted wears out the cylinders much faster, especially with that style carb pouring fuel into the engine
--has much weaker pistons
--head bolts are 10mm diameter
--cylinder head has a different part number for a reason, because it's different
--trans is way weaker

could you swap just the engine or trans--not likely. the turbo engine has an 8 bolt crankshaft with a 4 bolt torque converter. the 2.2L has a 6 bolt crank with a 3 bolt torque converter. you'd be drilling some holes and hoping that they were dead on correct, or the balance would be off in the engine.

then after all that, the computer would still think it's feeding the bigger engine (20 cubic inches) and you would have too much fuel for the wrong amount of air

that turbo engine is good for at least 200,000 miles WITH MAINTENANCE, i almost did that with mine, the body fell apart just short of it (194,000 miles on a '84)

anything else you want to know?

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