Remove Scratches from Windshield


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Hank Seebeck
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Question Remove Scratches from Windshield

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cheerokee. During the last snow storm, to clean my windshield I wiped the glass with a handful of snow (mixture of snow and ice) because I was out of windshield fluid. I realized a short time later that by doing this I scratched my windshield with 100s of minute scratches. The scratches are not deep - you cannot feel them if you run your hand over them. This leads me to believe that the windshield is not scratched but rather that I ripped into the "coating". However to be honest I don't know if there is such a coating on my windshield.

What I would like to know... is there some chemical compound I can use to either: 1. rub out the scratches, or 2. remove the remainder of the coating?

I've heard stories of people using "Brasso" to rubout scratches on the crystal/glass of their wrist watch. I'm wondering if this remedy or something like it will work for my windshield.

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darrell McCoy
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Hank: They make/sell windshield scratch kits, 40 bucks upward. I would check with a glass pro and see what they charge first. Go from there, figuring the price of a decent kit. May not be that much more to have it done. Problem sometime with this DIY on glass, is you might do more harm than good. I wouldnt try to use Brasso, if nothing else, try bon-ami only.
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Toothpaste, white toothpaste, on a rag and see if it will rub out. It has worked for me on some windshield scratches. As a side note it will also remove skips from CDs.
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The rule of thumb is that if you can feel your fingernail drop into the scratches, they won't buff off.
If this has affected your direct vision, your insurance should pay for a new windshield minus your deductable if you have one.

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