Windshield wipers-Lumina minivan


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Windshield wipers-Lumina minivan

I have a 1995 Chevy Lumina minivan, 3.1 engine. The windshield wipers work perfectly at times and not at all sometime. My son, a brother and a friend has GM vehicles. Each have had a similar problem so this may be fairly common. I have had 3 auto repair shops give me 3 different possible solutions to the problem. One said switch, one said motor, and one said electrical circuit board. Cost estimates for repair ranged from $100. to $475. if motor and switch has to be replaced. About 50 percent of the time the wipers work, usually when its not raining, so I think the motor is OK. I only use the van for pulling a small fishing boat and other short local trips. It has 156,000 miles on it but still runs great. I plan to run a straight wire from battery to wiper motor, thru an added toggle switch and fuse. My problem, this Lumina has every thing stuffed into a very small space. The wiper motor is located under the extra long dashboard forward of the firewall. I may have to buy a manual to get the wiring diagram or hopefully someone can tell me how to get to the wiper motor wires without taking the van apart! Thanks!!!!
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Not really uncommon with those years of trucks. Probably a circuit board crack or bad solder joint,,, I say probably. Try working the plug by some means or thumping the motor, when it does not work. Those are a PITA to remove unless you have done this before. Else I would highly recommend a good manual to guide you thru the procedure. Try your best to determine the actual problem before you "Hot wire" it as you will lose the functions that have been incorporated into the system. Also if it is a motor/board, rewiring it will not solve the problem.
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It most likely is the circuit board and it isn't easy to do because of the body design.Make sure you disconnect the battery when working on the wiper motor if you are under the hood if it comes on you could get hurt.

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