'91 eclipse timing belt woes


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'91 eclipse timing belt woes

I wonder if anyone can tell me. If the timing belt broke while running on my '91 eclipse, 2.o engine, would it cause the valves to be bent? I know some engines will bend the valves and some have enough clearance. Any help is greatly appreciated. It dosen't realy sound like theres any compression when I turned the engine over after it quit.
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If the belt is bad you won't have compression even if the valves are not bent.I don't remember if this is an interferance engine or not but someone will be along that will.
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Yes, I'm pretty sure that IS an interference engine. You'll have to do a compression test after replacing the belt. Be careful rotating the engine with the belt off.
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Yes your engine is an interference engine and Will have bent valves if the belt is broken. Is this what you are thinking happened? What is the mileage? Before you crank on it any more pull the front cover off and see if in fact the belt is still there or not.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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try pulling the spark plugs---if one won't come out, or comes out all mangled---tow it to a junkyard.

three times, i've seen a mitsubishi 2.0L shear a belt, and NOT hit the valves.

all the other times the valves were bent bad.

the worst i've seen, is the valves hit so hard, they broke off, the pieces got knocked around sideways, split the piston in half, destroyed the cylinder head, and crushed the spark plug. this happened more than once. it needed a new short block and a new cylinder head. (pronounced-- 'not cheap')

easy way to check for a very bent valve---pull the valve cover, and try to remove all the cam followers without removing the cams----if a valve is bent, it will hang down lower, and the follower will be loose against the lifter. if they are laying around, where they shouldn't be, you already know the answer.

if it looks ok under there, slap a belt on it and do a compression test, or even start it, before you reassemble everything. you'll know right there if anything is bent. don't forget, there are two timing belts, and just lining up the marks isn't all you have to do. there are other things too, and if you're wrong, the engine will shake your fillings out of your teeth. the counterbalance shafts have their own procedure for timing them.

let us know what you find!
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Thanks for the help! I was afraid this engine may be interferance. Actually the teeth were torn off the belt where the drive gear is so the crank just spun on the belt. Who knows what happened. I think I will take the valve cover off and see what I can see. I will let you know.

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