Blunder: oil in dipstick


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Unhappy Blunder: oil in dipstick

I have a Pontiac Grand Prix 1990. Its my first car ever and I was probably not paying sufficient attention to the Owners Manual upon first reading... I checked the engine oil and it was low, but instead of filling up in the right place, I started filling the hole where the dipstick goes!

Is it a serious mistake, and should I bring the car to my mechanic? What will happen to the oil I put in the dipstick? Where will it end up?

I looked below my car yesterday, and the surfaces below the engine seem quite oily. Could it be related to my mistake?

Also, the Owner Manual says I should use 'SG' labelled oil. What I have is 'SJ'. How important is it to be correct?
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This is only my 2 cents........

Okay with you putting the oil in the dip stick, that is no big deal. It's a common mistake, millions of people made it. The oil you are seeing under the engine could either be from over spill or maybe the dip-stick itself is loose where it goes into the block.

Give it a couple days and give it another look, do you thick maybe you have an oil leak and just never noticed it before? Just make sure you watch what you are doing in the future. Always double check anything you are putting into your car, especially when it comes to oils. Because there are so many different types like rear gear oil, tranny oil, engine oil, ect....

Another thing with these dip-stick mistake you made, like I said it's no big deal, so don't get worried over it. It's just being that the dip stick hole is so thin, it would take forever for the oil to go down , and most of the oil will spill out like your did. But the big question you need to ask yourself is, You did put the oil in the engine oil dip-stick and not the tranny dip-stick, right?

Now when it comes to these SJ and SG.....

As far as I know SG is obsolete and you can't find it any more. SG was for cars 1993 and older.

You did get the right stuff which is SJ, SJ is for 2001 and older cars, which your is.
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Don't get confused by all that SJ and SG stuff. What you buy at the parts store will be fine. Just go back and clean up all the oil you spilled all over the engine. Spray some degreaser on it an rinse it with water pressure avoiding the intake and electrical modules.
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Thanks for the replies! I'm less worried now. Looking back at it, I wonder what I was thinking trying to fill oil in that tiny hole!

Good to have the difference between SG and SJ clarified. The Owner's Manual was no comfortable reading on this issue. It says quite clearly that using oils without the SG designation migth damage your engine etc.
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Most of you name brand oils will meet the SJ certification anyway.
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That manual was printed when SG was the latest certification in petroleum oils. Since then (almost 14 years) oils have been recertified many times. This is why the oil you purchased has the SJ certification.
You didnt say what engine you have, but some of the 4 cylinder engines (the 2.5L comes to mind) of that time frame you do fill the oil where the dipstick is because its a large daimeter tube and the oil fill cap doubles as the top of the dipstick.
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