Not a normal ? with spare tire..


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Not a normal ? with spare tire..

Is it crazy to drive a car with no spare tire on pupose?

I am currently making a modified show car, Mustang. So far in the trunk there has been some up-graded suspension work done where there is a rear tower brace in the truck under the rear dash. So that space is gone. Another section of the truck holds a 15 pound bottle of nitrous ( which is pretty big).
The problem is , I plan on up-grading the stereo and adding a sub. But there is no room for a sub, not unless I get rid of the spare tire which is stored under the rug and add the sub so the sub will be flat with the rug and I will not lose any more space in the truck.

If your thinking the trunk is loaded with stuff it's not, when you pop the trunk all you see is the nitrous bottle and thats it. Now if I was to do the sub where the spare is, thats all good but when it comes to the spare, I don't have room for it, and even if I could put it in the truck, I really don't want the spare loose sitting in the truck.

I asked a few people at car shows who actually drive with no spare if it was a smart thing to do and most poeple asked me one question, when was the last time you had a flat? To tell you the truth, I don't think I ever had a flat, in the 18 years I've been driving. But with my luck, the day I lose the spare will be the day I get a flat.

If I check air pressure on the tires, and tire wear normally whats the chances. Would it be fine or is it stupid. The car is only driven 3k miles a years if that. I was thinking I could store a bottle of that fix a flat but really hate using that stuff.
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In the event you got a flat a tow truck would get you home.Sure wish I never had a flat though,I had 3 in one week before all on good tires.I must have driven on the wrong road that week.
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Ive had plenty of flats too. In fact I had to go out last night and change one for the wife. Im glad we had a spare in her car. No more than you plan to drive the car I really dont see it being an issue, as long as you arent going on long trips. If so I certainly wouldnt go without. Then again, where I live there is alot of construction (like anywhere else, im sure) and I do at least a half a dozen tire repairs each week, and there is a tire store right behind my shop and another down the street. Its a definate risk no matter where, when and how you plan to drive.
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maybe put a can or two of non-flammable 'fix-a-flat' under the seat. i've never used it, but i've heard success stories from it before.

it will fix a nail or screw puncture, it's won't reseat a tire bead that's popped off or spun off.
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After thinking about all day and seeing what type of sub I could get that would fit in the spare tire area, I desided I may be better off going a diffent way.
Two reasons, The sub I could get is not getting good reviews as for sound and quality. The other reason is the big one which I totally forgot. What if I did get a flat and I had to be towed, the car just had a custom paint job and I recently seen the same year car I have being towed and when the tow truck drive was pulling the car up on the flat , the cable did a real number on the front bumper, being it sat to low.
I'm sure the bumper would probable go back to normal being it is fiberglass, but I would rather not take that chance.

I'm going to look into those subs that can fit into the wheel wells, Thanks for all the help and suggestion
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Well, sometimes you get screwed anyway. I got a flat (nail) last summer, put the spare on, then had a blow out on another tire on the way home! I used to wonder why I see so many flats around here--now I know! I went 15 years (and many many miles) without a flat--then bam two in one day. I currently am driving 100 miles per day with no spare until I can get to the junk yard to pick one up.

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