Steering 'Sticking' Through Turns


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Steering 'Sticking' Through Turns

Once in a blue moon, the steering on my 1994 Mercury Sable gets 'stuck' in the middle of a turn. Am I correct in assuming that my rack is on it's way out?

Plus, assuming that my tires are balanced, (I had them checked and they are), and my alignment is okay, would a bad rack cause slight shimmying at high speeds?
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No, I wouldn't jump at that rack diagnosis. The Taurus and Sable have a lot of problem with the strut plates/bearings. The way to diagnose it is easiest on an alignment rack. Just disconnect the outer tie rods while on the turntables and see how freely the wheel turns by hand and if they stick anywhere. Although a rack can give symptoms like that, they are usually much worse when cold and improve after warm up. A loose belt is another possibility but it's symptoms are like the rack and worse when cold.

As far as your shimmy problem, no still not a rack. Either the wheel or tire is not turning perfectly straight or you still have a balancing issue. Put them back on the balancer and inspect them closely while spinning. They likely have some run out.
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Thanks for your very helpful advice! The above suggestions are things that I will look into.

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