97 Toyota Avalon


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97 Toyota Avalon

I have a power steering fluid leak. One repair shop said rack and pinion, one shop said power steering pump and one advice without looking at the car said it was probably the high pressure hose.
I looked at the car on one rack and saw power steering fluid all around pump and other parts, but the car was not turned on and tested by turning wheel or otherwise. Is it likely the hose? Should car be turned on and tested by turning wheel. Can a hose be replaced by me rather than a shop?

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Well, I assure you it's not the fuel pump. That's inside the gas tank. The high pressure hoses are very common to fail but you have to wash off all of the old oil and then inspect the leak to pinpoint it.
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Clean it off and take a look you can not pinpoint leak with fluid all over unless it is a very big one.get some engine degreasser and douche her down.
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If it's a big leak try to have someone turn the wheel all the way right or left and hold if it's the hi pressure hose it will leak then and you should be able to see it.I would clean all the fluid off though power steering fluid is quite flammable when exposed to heat.Keep us posted on your progress.You should be able to change the hose if you have the tools that are needed.
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Power Streeing leak.

I also have a 97 Toyota Avalon with a power streeing hose leak. Dose any one know what it takes to replace the hose are dose anyone have any instructions on how to replace the high presser hose.


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