1986 Lincoln Town car won't crank below 45 degrees


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1986 Lincoln Town car won't crank below 45 degrees

Yeah, it's me again. Had to have car towed in to Dealership as we could not jump it off (had a new battery installed last month).
Dealer put in new battery and it cranked right up (other battery was wrong size and series, and dead as heck.) Dealer then did a check on all wires that go to the ignition and did not find a problem. Dealer kept it over weekend and cranked it up on Monday morning (temperature was 55 degrees) and it cranked fine (has to be in forty degree range to not crank). Dealer said he did not know what else they could do at this time.

My question now is: since I have to live with this problem until it completely quits starting, and I can't jump it with the screwdriver and solenoid, can I mount a heavy duty switch on the fender well by the solenoid and run a wire from red wire post on the solenoid to the switch and a wire from the black wire post of the solenoid to the switch and toggle or rocker switch it when it is in the cold range of the forty degrees and just switch it long enough to crank the car? The screwdriver thing is burning the end of the bolt off and really throws out a lot of sparks and is close to battery. I am open for any suggestions. Please help!

fourlaker (1986 Town car)
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I can't understand why your still having a problem. You were given instructions on how to test for this problem when the car won't start. It's a pretty cut and dry situation. If you don't follow our advice, there isn't much point is asking more questions. If the battery was dead, it was dead. Many people try to save money by buying less battery that they really need. If you expect your car to start in sub zero temps, you have to have a strong battery. Now the only way your going to solve your problem once and for all is to perform the voltage drop tests. Running more wires is not the answer.
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