'90 plymouth voyager


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Question '90 plymouth voyager

Hi and hny, question-I have a 3.3 4spd in the van and a couple of weeks ago the tranny acted up(2nd tranny) heres the prob. I had it towed to the shop and they ran a scan for free(got what I paid for) said it needed rebuilt at $1300, he drove it around the block and came back with "its internal" well I had it towed home and was asking around and the majority tells me a fluid change would greatly help out since it drives for about 5 minutes or until the fluid gets warm and then nothing, any suggestions would help out.
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I've got a 91 with the same powertrain as you....and earlier this summer the same symptoms. It went into limp mode but as soon as I shut it off it was ok......well ok for a few weeks anyways then it started again. I was told about having the correct tranny fluid in it so I decided to change the fluid and filter just to make sure that wasn't the problem. It worked well for about another 2 weeks then it started doing the same thing but more frequntly now. I took it to the tranny shop and I had it scoped and it was internal....nothing electrical. Long story short...I had to get it rebuilt, it seems that a rather large snap ring had come loose and wore out some type of shaft internally.
You want to make sure you have the correct fluid in there but you said you've had it done before so I figure that the tranny shop put the proper stuff in there.
I hope this helps you a bit.

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Changing fluid after a problem has already started will usually just make it worse. Fluid change is for preventing problems and not repairing them. Take it to a reputable transmission shop. I repeat REPUTABLE. Ask around for references first.
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Those trannys have been updated many many times as they had some problems in the past with snap rings among other things. If you can R&R it yourself, then just go purchase a reman unit from your local Chrysler Dealership. They (supposedly) rebuild these things with the latest updates. Thats what we were told when I worked for Chrysler, but I have heard otherwise. I tend to believe the Chrysler mail we used to get about all of the improvements that have been made over the years.
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Well another desision looms in the furture wether to fix or not, seems to be worth less than a overhaul then Im looking at possibly another rebuild down the line....thanks for your help.


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