Fogging problem in Chevy Venture


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Fogging problem in Chevy Venture

I have a 1998 Chevy Venture with the 3.4 Liter here is the problem,

I live in Winnipeg Manitoba, canada its like -10--25 Celsius right now.

When I park outside overnight the van starts and warms up fine and defrosts the windows no problem.

when I park at work in a heated parkade, I leave the van warm up, leave the parkade and immediately all the windows fog up I can only see through the windshield in two spots where the van blows directly, there is plenty of heat and the blower motor is blowing hard, but I can't get rid of the moisture.

I tried with the A/C on to remove moisture from the air no difference, it automaticly switches to outdoor air when the defrost is turned on.

I noticed a bit of coolant in the driveway under the van but only like 2 drops.

After driving for 20-30 minutes it is so hot in the van and yet the windows are so covered in condensation I can no longer see out the windows
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You might check the pass. front floor. Indications are you have antifreeze leaking inside. Maybe a heater core. Hopefully not.
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Yep, sounds like a heater core. Does it have a sweet smell when the heat is turned on?

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