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Question Locate Thermostat

Need some quick help - trying to fix "no heat" problem in my son's 93 Buick Skylark (V-6) Custom and can't locate where the thermostat is! I've replaced dozens of these critters but don't know where this particular one is located. My luck it will be on the bottom! Can anyone help. Thought this would be the easiest place to start! Ha!
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Is that a front wheel drive, 3.8????
Does it have a shroud over the engine???

If so, remove shroud and should be toward top on right hand side just below the throttle body.
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Thermostat - reply to Dirty Dan

Thanks Dirty Dan but there's no shroud - I think the engine is a 3.3 V-6. The only thing I see coming out of the block has a ton of electrical and assorted other gizmos connected to it that I really don't want to remove unless I know for sure it's there. Thanks again
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Follow the upper radiator hose back to the engine that's where it's at,if I remember it's behind the exhaust crossover pipe.It can be changed without removing the pipe but easier if you take the pipe off.
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Probably a 3.1 engine. You need to remove all the hardware above the thermo. Real easy access to thermostat, if you remove crossover. Book says 1.4 hours. Cant do it that quick. Use an OEM gasket and thermostat, you sure dont want to do this job twice.
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Thermostat (Cont'd)

Thanks guys - I'll give it a try in the morning. Appreciate the input.

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