Is it the alternator?


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Is it the alternator?

'90 Geo Tracker 135K 5-speed 4WD 1.6L 8 valve Power Steering & AC

On my way home, the lights we getting dimmer & dimmer. I've had an alternator croak & leave me on the side of the road B4...and this seems similar to that situation. The Tach would jump irratically when I used the turn signal & the radio wasn't working. The belt is tight, so it wasn't a loose belt.

Is there a way to test the alternator, or are these symptoms a definite tell tale? Should I connect a multimeter to see if the battery is loosing voltage & not holding steady?

Thanks in advance
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Do a search on the forums as we have covered this at least twice in the last few weeks. And Im sure many times in the last several months. It is pretty easy to test the battery and alternator to see if they are in good enough condition to maintain your charging system.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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The symptoms sure point that way. The alternator is usually the culprit but there are other possibilities for a "no charge" situation like a fusable link.
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