antifreeze leak


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Question antifreeze leak

Noticed a leak under my Rodeo truck. Raised the truck and it appears the leak is somewhere behind the engine where it meets the transmssion. I can not locate the source. I have been smelling a leak for a couple of weeks without any visable solution. If someone has an idea where to look????
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It could be a freeze plug between the block and the trans but before you go down the wrong road look very closely from the top in the back (assuming this is a V6) at the intake manifold or hoses that could migrate down the back of the engine. Make sure you actually see the source of the leak before any disassembly. You may need a pressure tester.
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Desi is correct. There are alot of hoses on this vehicle and any one of them can be leaking and causing the trail you are mentioning. I saw this just a couple of weeks ago on the same type vehicle. One of those constant pressure (spring) hose clamps lost its spring and was letting the coolant slip by. Easy fix, just install a new clamp.
Hope this is what you have.
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as always, stating the year and engine helps US help YOU

(as well as mileage and what's been touched/replaced recently)
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Wink antifreeze leak

Thanks for the info. Sorry this is the first time I have ever used a forum. The Isuzu I mentioned is a 1995 with less than 95,000 miles. I have only changed the hoses in the front of the vehicle not those in the back. Thanks Churck50
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don't take it hard, i wasn't yelling. most people leave out pertinent information. different years and different engines have much different hoses and stuff.

assuming it's a V6, it can be leaking from inside the bellhousing. there is a drain from the center valley of the engine(under the intake manifold). there are a number of hoses, pipes and o-rings in the engine's valley, and if any of them leak, they will leak to the rear of the engine, through the small hole, and out the bellhousing. if you look with a flashlight, right under the intake manifold, you should be able to see some puddling.

if it's leaking outside the trans, down on top of it, it can be other hoses(with loose clamps, like billy said) or the coolant 'manifold' gaskets, (these are not easy to do)

maybe find a pressure tester, or even rent one. this will pinpoint the problem. what i do, is while i have the tester pumped up, i remove the upper and lower intake manifold. then i can see exactly which thing needs to be fixed. if you have any mechanical skills, it's an easy job.

there are no freeze plugs on a v6 engine

if it's a 4 cylinder, it can range from a number of hoses, to the headgasket, to even rusted freeze plugs

let us know
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