1991 buick lesabre hard starting


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1991 buick lesabre hard starting

I have a '91 lesabre with 3.8 engine with 49000 miles. It runs good however it is getting to be a hard starter. Have replaced the plugs, a bad water pump, checked wires for possible leaks. The service engine light does not display a problem, Any advice as what to look at as the cause of this problem? Had a '90 olds 88 with the same ingine and the coil pack failed, could this be the begining of the same problem?

Thanks, Jim
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Jim..... Explain what you mean by hard starting please. Is it slow to turn over? or just cranks for a long time before starting? etc....
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The coil pack(actually 3 coils)is a Magnavox coil and they do fail alot.Most common are hard or no start when cold.If you decide to replace the coil pack replace the wires also and use dielectric grease on the inside of the boots both ends of the wires.
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Hard start

Cranks with correct speed, however more times than not it cranks longer than I am accustomed to. Sometimes it cranks as long as long as 5 seconds or longer before it fires. It doesn't seem to make any difference hot or cold engine, or weather conditions. I have owned three GM cars, Buick and Olds. all full size with the 3.8 engine all have started like a Zippo lighter, first time every time.

Thanks Jim
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when was the fuel filter last replaced? Long crank times are more often associated with fuel pressure or supply problems...you may want to have the fuel pressure checked.
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Thanks for the advice,
will check out the fuel system first, before we start looking at electrical.

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