1988 1/2 Ford Escort GT


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Unhappy 1988 1/2 Ford Escort GT

I have a 88 1/2 Ford Escort GT, and I replaced the timing belt on it. However, I do not have a timing light to see if I have the timing right. And my manual said just to line the crankshaft pulley keyhole up with the camshaft timing mark. Which I did, but it wont start. Then it told me that if the timing was off it wouldn't start and that it could cause valve damage. So now, I have a car that wont run and could have a damaged engine. Is their any way I can get the timing right without having to use a timing light?
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I dont know that you can actually use a timing light on that car. Dont know if there are marks to reference the light off of. If you lined up the marks and they are still lined up then the problem is elsewhere. OR you have already caused damage. You didnt say what engine so we have no idea what you have so we cant give you anything but general information. The engine size and any significant information would be very helpful. The only non-interference engine in the 80's model Escorts was the 1.8L from the information I have.
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Re: 1988 1/2 Ford Escort GT

Originally posted by CHP2BE
And my manual said just to line the crankshaft pulley keyhole up with the camshaft timing mark. Which I did, but it wont start.
That doesn't sound right. If your referring to the keyway, I've never seen that used as timing reference, rather it usually ends up at 12 o'clock when the real mark is aligned. There is usually a notch in the rear plate that rotates with the crank gear to align with the mark. Are you confident you have the right marks on the cam gear?
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You are talking about 2 different animals here,a timing light means zero to valve timing(the belt you changed),a timing light allows you to correct disturbed ignition timing.Go back and check that the belt is on correctly.I think the valve timing is off.Changing a timing belt will not change ignition timing unless the belt is installed wrong on most engines, there are exceptions.Your distributer is driven off the back of the camshaft.I think there is a dot on the crank pulley(behind the key) and a small point on the block marking top dead center.
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