tire size

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tire size

hello. I have a 95 jeep grand cherokee lorado. The sticker on the door says the correct tire size is p215 75 R 15. The tires on the car are p225 75 R15(bought it with them on). The rim size is 15x7.0 My brother has 4 brand new 235 75 R 15 tires he wants to give me. Are these tires alright to put on my jeep It is an allwheel drive
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yes you can install the 235 tires on your jeep,just remember that
your speedo is calibrated for smaller tires so it will not read properly.Also any time you are installing tires on an all wheel drive
vehicle make sure that all 4 tires are the same size or you can
cause driveline damage.
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Not only the same size and brand but the same amount of wear. Other wise count on damaging the transfer case
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No, I spent a lot of years in the tire business and I don't recommend doing this. In the old days it wasn't a big deal but now it can effect a lot of things.
First, the thing they already covered like speedo error will be drastic. You would probably be gaining over 2" in height. If you have ABS, the maximum tire change recommended is 10%, you'd be over that. The power would be effected so drastically that the computer would not operate the way it's engineered to. It would be reading twice the load it normally would. It would also likely lead to some transmission or clutch problems. Wheel clearance in the front would likely be a big problem, especially on turns. All thing considered, your a lot better off with the original size.
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I thought a Laredo was the mid size Cherokee.A full size Cherokee would have more than a 215/75R15.So in my opinion a 235/75R15 would be pushing it quite a bit.All wheel drive transfer cases are sensitive to damage,wrong size,tires worn differently can smoke the clutches in the t-case.Your best bet is the manufacturers stated tire size and pressure.

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