93 Ford Ranger Hard/Won't Start When Cold


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Angry 93 Ford Ranger Hard/Won't Start When Cold

Happy New Year Everyone !!!

I have a 93 Ford Ranger, v6 that runs well most of the time.. Had a problem starting a few weeks ago.. It turned over fine, but tried to "catch" each time and wouldn't keep running.. After many tries, it would finally start and run very rough for a few seconds and as I gave it gas, it would finally smooth out and run fine for the rest of the day.. Once running it was quiet and smooth, and would start right away each time for the rest of the day.. But after sitting overnight or longer, I had the same rough start..
I cleaned the Throttle Body, had good spark, and could hear the fuel pump "whine" for a few seconds when the key was first turned on.. Nothing cleared the problem !!
I took a chance and changed the fuel filter (long overdue), and that seemed to solve my problem.. For the past few weeks, I haven't had the problem until a few days ago !!
I noticed a little problem starting when it was cold and sat overnight, but not too bad until today.. It hasn't been started for 2and 1/2 days, and starting today was very tough.. Even starting fluid sprayed into the Throttle Body didn't help.. Even ran the battery dead....
After charging, I finally got it started, ran fine for about 30 minutes, shut it off and restarted with no problem.. 2-hours later, started with no problem.. After overnight, I imagine problems starting again !!!!!

What could be the cause ?????
Please help !!!
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I'm suprised at "0" replies to this problem !!!
Does Anyone have any ideas ???
Truck has started fine for about a week, and then, the same starting problem is back...
Can it be the "coil" ????

Please Help !!!!!!
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Could be a coil could also be flooded from fuel leaking into the cylinders or a skewed coolant temp or air temp sensor.Have you checked for codes?Do you have access to a fuel pressure guage?Btw sorry I missed your original post I work 45 hours a week and have been under the weather lately.So something had to give.
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Thanks for the reply Davo.. Hope your feeling better !!

I don't have access to guages, and have not had the codes checked.. She will start just fine for a week or two and then all of a sudden...hard start... But once started, she will run smooth, and startup again right away, but when left for 24 or more hrs, the problem is back...sometimes...

Because of the smooth running when started, and the fact that starting fluid does nothing, I thought that the coil could be the problem... Is it worth the $15 gamble ???
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You could throw parts at it all day long and drain your wallet and not fix the problem.

If you really want to fix it you need to check for codes and then follow Daves recommendation on fuel pressure, these are basics and must be done to diagnose the problem. Check fuel pressure and spark when it dosen't start.

Post back with findings
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I can see your trying to take a shortcut but all that can do is throw money away. The first thing you absolutely have to do is determine what your losing when it won't start. After trying to start it for a minute of 2, pull a couple plugs and see what they look like. Are they wet with fuel or completely white and dry. Do you have fuel pressure, GOOD spark, injector pulse. Using a spark plug to test spark doesn't tell you much. When not under compression, that spark needs to jump at least half an inch, not just plug gap. Since the fuel filter worked the first time, maybe it is clogged again due to trash in the tank. You have to narrow things down first.
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Check the IAC valve,Idle Air Control Valve maybe sticking at times have seen this happen.
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