Has power No Turn-over


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Aaron Moody
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Has power No Turn-over

When I turn the key everything turns on, but when I try to turn it over nothing happens. But I can push start the car and it runs great. However it will not jump start.
It has a new battery and has full power.
I do not hear the starter cylinoid click either.
I think it is my starter ignition. Although it is only 1 year old.
What do ya think?
93 ford excort LX 1.9 lt
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Could be the starter or it could be the battery cable. I had one in the shop like the a few months ago and the positive battery terminal was corroded way back up in the cable and it was not allowing the power to get to the starter. Peel back the insulation a bit and see if it is green and powdery inside. If not hen most likely your starter. The cable comes as a harness and it is not cheap. I trimmed a few inches off of it and let it go like that because the customer didnt want to spend the money for the harness.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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wouldn't it be better...

...to tell the poster how to test the starter control circuit rather than to visually check only one of the cables and if that's not the problem, to stick a starter on it?
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Carguy.... Did you do that???? Instead of asking me a question wouldnt it have been easier to just post the PERTINENT information that I failed to do???
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Aaron you could take a voltmeter and check for power at the starter on the big terminal and while the key is held in the start position on the little terminal.If there is no power on the litle wire we will diagnose it in the needed steps.If you have 12 volts of power on both tests you will need to do a voltage drop test on your battery cables.Do the first test and let us know we will proceed from there.
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