AM Radio Station Interference


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AM Radio Station Interference

I listen to an AM radio station in my car. The last car I had, going under power lines and bridges caused that humming buzzon AM stations.

My Explorer has an after manufacture Panasonic CD player and it has always been PERFECT on AM radio.

Until last week.

Now, I am getting power line hum and slight bridge interference. It is mainly on my main station and not as bad on other AM stations.

I had a sales and installation place check it out and they said they thought my radio/antenna were fine, but the station must be dropping their power or something.

I called the station and they said nothing has changed and no drops have been recorded.

What gives? How can a radio work PERFECT for a year and now not be perfect?

I have tried any setting I could find, like the local and distance mode, I have wiggled my antenna outside and it does spin at the base... sorta ... I dunno...

I hate to think something happened after my 19 yr old borrowed my car last week, but I can't think how that is related either.

Any advise?
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It sounds like an antenna/cable issue to me corrosion somewhere that may or may not be visable to the naked eye.Antenna mast being loose would be the first thing tighten it up so it doesn't spin.If it's the kind with removable mast.
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mike from nj
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i always thought the AM antenna was inside the radio, the external antenna was for FM only

i could be wrong

maybe some filter somewhere (inside the radio) burned out, that was filtering the buzz before.

just some ideas
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A simple test for the ant is put it on AM and touch the ant. If the reception gets worse the ant is good. If it dosen't change the ant has a problem.

Next step would be to plug in a "test" ant. Make sure to ground it to a good ground. A test ant can be any know good ant usually a cheap universal one will do.

Sometimes the problem is a poor ground caused by a loose mounting.

The car AM ant is external, most home and portable radios use an internal AM ant.
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mike from nj
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that's good info, larry

it's something i never knew. it's printed out and saved

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