87 Ford Crown Vic turns but won't start


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87 Ford Crown Vic turns but won't start

I have been working on a 87 Crown Victoria with a 5 lt eng. The problem is I had to take out the distributor to change the ignition module and the shaft on the distributor accidentaly was turned. I was wondering how to get it set back so the timing will be ok to get the engine to turn over?
Please I need help!
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Start by taking out the number 1 spark plug. Stick your (or a helpers) finger in that hole and rotate then engine clockwise until you feel air pushing your finger out. Watch the harmonic balancer and continue to rotate the engine until the line on the balancer is pointing at "0" on the timing tab. Make note of where the number 1 spark plug wire is on the cap. Remove the distributor cap and turn the distributor (you may have to pull the distributor again to achieve this) until the rotor is pointing to where the number 1 plug wire is. This will set your base timing. You will have to adjust the dwell on the distributor to get the timing perfect. This will require a timing light.
Hope this is helpful to ya,

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